Defining Feminism is Probably the Worst Thing to Happen to Feminism


Beyoncé can do no wrong…until she is brought into debates about feminism.

Still holding onto her status as queen of the world after casually dropping her self-titled visual album, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter wrote an essay about gender equality.

Most critics view the icon’s album as a comment on gender equality, and Beyoncé further defined her stance on the issue in her essay by asserting, “Gender equality is a myth!”

(Beyoncé’s essay is featured on The Shriver Report. Link:

One of the biggest feminist issues in today’s culture deals with actually defining what feminism means. To put it simply, in my opinion, feminism is about being in support of gender equality. (Fun fact: Men can be feminists too).

If you are willing to accept this simple definition of feminism, it is extremely difficult to argue Beyoncé’s position as a modern feminist.

“Equality will be achieved when men and women are granted equal pay and equal respect,” Beyoncé says in her article. 

Furthermore, Beyoncé’s album provides a glimpse into her journey as an artist and a feminist. Her songs and videos demonstrate that gender equality can exist. 

While her new album and essay should effectively silence critics who doubt her status as a feminist, some are still claiming that she does not deserve to be defined in this way. One of the most popular arguments coming from women is that not all of the content on Beyoncé’s album is 100 percent feminist.

…Seriously? Since when has it ever been productive for women to tear down other women? Defining feminism is probably the worst thing to happen to feminism.

Certainly there is a feminist spectrum, but no matter where one falls within the range, all are in favor of gender equality. And if the goal of feminism is to get to a place where gender equality is the reality, how is it helpful to pick apart each person’s version of feminism?

Gender equality cannot be achievable if women are unwilling to unite with other women.

At this point protesting an individual’s feminist behavior on the basis that it is not feminist enough is pointless. It will not bring about any progress. If anything, it will hinder it.

Furthermore, challenging Beyoncé for not being feminist enough is completely absurd. Beyoncé is basically the personification of female empowerment.


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